Government Forum 2016 launched

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Government Forum 2016 launched

Government Forum 2016 launched

(Manama) – His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa received the Prime Minister, His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa and the Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Prime Minister His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, to mark the launch of the Government Forum 2016, at Sakhir Palace.

Speaking on the occasion, His Majesty praised the Prime Minister’s continued efforts to enhance government performance and the standards of public services to deliver on Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030, which is designed to meet citizens’ needs and aspirations.

His Majesty also emphasised the Crown Prince’s role in launching Bahrain’s new high-level Government Forum, and highlighted the Crown Prince’s firm commitment to enhancing performance across government departments and delivering initiatives that directly benefit Bahrain’s citizens. His Majesty went on to praise the Crown Prince’s presentation at the Government Forum, which detailed the key priorities of Bahrain’s next phase of development.

Speaking on the continued efforts of government staff, His Majesty stressed that the principles of sustainability, competitiveness, and fairness should continue to guide the government’s work.

His Majesty highlighted that the Forum, which brought together government executives from all levels, has played a crucial role in facilitating interaction and promoting the exchange of new ideas across government, adding that this new drive will help Bahrain meet Economic Vision 2030’s core goal of long term sustainable development.

His Majesty went on to note that the accomplishments outlined at the Government Forum not only demonstrated the extent of progress Bahrain has made in improving citizens’ living standards, but also the country’s ability to achieve even greater prosperity as it enters the next phase of development.

His Majesty concluded by emphasising that in spite of development challenges that Bahrain continues to address, he is confident in the government’s ability to deliver ambitious targets of the next phase of development to continue to significantly improve citizens’ living standards.

In return, His Royal Highness the Prime Minister highlighted his commitment to further developing the government’s performance and productivity, and ensuring it delivered high quality services to meet the needs and promote a high standard of living for all Bahrainis, in line with the directives of His Majesty King Hamad.

His Royal Highness the Prime Minister then praised the support provided by His Majesty King Hamad to the 2016 Government Forum. He also welcomed His Royal Highness the Crown Prince’s contribution to the Forum and the additional creative initiatives that have helped strengthen the government’s performance and productivity, particularly within public service delivery.

A number of senior government officials also attended the meeting.

(Courtesy BNA)